Nabil Alnoor Borhanu is a Saudi born entrepreneur, having founded companies in the sectors of Telecom, Sports, and Media. Nabil was able to grow his companies’ revenues from zero to over SAR 300M, creating over 700 jobs in less than 4 years.

After relocating to the US in 2013, he founded Graphene Ventures, a VC fund focused on direct investments primarily in early-stage startups and occasionally in late-stage private technology companies. Graphene Ventures AUM and deployed capital is close to USD [SS3] 1 billion with a portfolio of more than 38 companies, it maintained an average IRR of 26% keeping performance in the top quartile. The firm was an early investor in companies which are publicly listed on NYSE (Snap, Inc. and Lyft, Inc.). Nabil has facilitated and accelerated the company’s expansion plans to the Middle East through advising, creating partnerships, and JVs in Gulf Council Countries (GCC). In that effort he has contributed to Snapchat’s Middle East strategy and helped get the MENA office from 0 to USD $10M in less than one year.

Nabil serves as a board member in many companies and a board observer in others where these companies are valued at over $5.3B USD. Enriched by 20 years of work experience and execution capabilities, Nabil’s alternative investment approach has given Graphene Ventures a unique position among its peers, as well as a keen competitive advantage from his extensive knowledge of the Saudi Arabian, MENA and US markets.

In addition to the technical knowledge gained from EE engineering school, Nabil holds a dual MBA from YU in Saudi, HFU in Germany and Washington State University in the US and is a Stanford Graduate School of Business Alum.