Loan companies without a guarantor are one of the financial options available to owners of projects, institutions, and small and medium enterprises, many of which face difficulties in obtaining loans from banks or traditional financing bodies due to their complex and strict conditions, such as the necessity of having a guarantor, a real estate guarantee, or other conditions to provide the required financing.


In this article, we will learn about financing companies without a guarantor, their most important advantages, the types of financing they provide, plus the most prominent company specialized in this field in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which provides its services in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia.


Types of financing available without a guarantor

There are many types of financing available without a guarantor, including:


  • Personal loans without a guarantor: These are loans provided by financing companies without a guarantor to individuals. These loans are characterized by speed of implementation and do not require guarantors, but they have higher interest rates than traditional loans.
  • Commercial loans without a guarantor: These are financing loans provided by financial institutions to companies and establishments without the need for a guarantor. These loans are characterized by speed of processing and do not require guarantees, but they require higher interest rates than traditional loans.
  • Microfinance: This is small financing provided to some people in order to establish small projects that require very small amounts, does not require guarantees or guarantors, and is provided through special programs.
  • Financial leasing: This is leasing equipment, cars, or machines to companies without the need to pay large sums for their purchase, as specific monthly installments are paid for a limited period to companies that provide financing without a guarantor.
  • Subsidized Housing: These are government programs that provide facilities for purchasing homes for people with limited income, where part of the value of the home is paid by the government.
  • Donations: This is financial aid donated by individuals or companies to small business owners, and this financing does not require any guarantees or guarantors.


These are some of the types of financing available without a guarantor willing to help you. The appropriate type of financing must be chosen according to the company’s setup, the nature of the project, and financial priorities.

The most common conditions imposed by financing companies if you don’t have a guarantor

The conditions for obtaining financing without a guarantor vary from one entity to another, but in general, the general conditions include:


  • The applicant for financing must be a citizen or resident of the country in which the loan is requested.
  • The applicant must not be less than a certain age.
  • The applicant must have a good credit record.
  • They must some personal papers and documents, such as:
    • personal identification.
    • Bank statement for the last 6 months.
    • Salary slip.
  • Proof of housing, whether through a water or electricity receipt or a telephone bill.
  • The financing amount must not exceed a certain limit which varies from one financing party to another.
  • The applicant for financing must not be more than a certain age.
  • The financing period must not exceed a period agreed by each financing party.


These are all terms that may vary from one company to another. Therefore, you should check the conditions of each company before applying for financing.

Does financing without a guarantor require additional fees?

Some financing companies without a guarantor may require additional fees, such as:

  • Administrative fees.
  • Insurance fees.
  • Collateral evaluation fees.
  • Money transfer fees.
  • Application processing fees.

When can establishments benefit from financing without a guarantor?

Small and medium enterprises can benefit from financing without a guarantor in many different scenarios, such as:


  • Expanding the scope of business and expanding projects: This financing helps increase productivity and revenues, creates new job opportunities, and improves the competitiveness of the facility.
  • Purchasing the necessary equipment and devices for work: Establishments can use financing without a sponsor to purchase the necessary equipment and devices to improve productivity and efficiency, and save time and money for the business.
  • Improving buildings and facilities: Small and medium enterprises can use financing without a sponsor to improve their buildings and facilities. This helps create a better working environment for employees, attract more customers, and increase the marketing value of the facility.
  • Covering recruitment and training costs: This helps attract talented employees, develop existing employee skills, and improve productivity.
  • Covering administrative and operational costs: This includes rent, electricity, gas, water, insurance, taxes, and other expenses.

How does Al Raedah contribute to supporting small and emerging projects?

Al Raedah’s financing programs are designed to give emerging project owners the easiest and best ways to obtain suitable financing that is compatible with Islamic Sharia regulations and with payment methods of their choice. This makes it one of the best financing companies without a guarantor that contributes to supporting emerging projects in Saudi Arabia.

Advantages of our financing programs:

  • Al Raedah offers you innovative digital financial solutions.
  • All solutions are licensed by the Sharia Board.
  • Once you complete the documents, you may receive the financing within 5 business days.
  • A flexible payment mechanism through deductible payments, without fixed monthly installments, through the use of a point-of-sale system, by deducting a specific percentage from each sale.
  • Al Raedah requires fewer documents than any other competitor.
  • Al Raedah provides you with the liquidity your project needs without any guarantees.
  • You can submit your application to the company online.


The most important thing that distinguishes the funding granting mechanism at Al Raedah Company is the absence of any fixed monthly payments or installments, as the company follows the deduction method to pay off the loan gradually, and thus the customer will be able to focus on benefiting from the financing obtained from Al Raedah to achieve their goals, instead of worrying about the repayments at the end of the month.

The most important aspects of Al Raedah: Point of Sale financing program

The point-of-sale financing program is designated for emerging entrepreneurs to achieve their desired goals and develop their businesses by obtaining quick and appropriate financing, without monthly installments, and with many aspects that distinguish them from other financing companies without a guarantor:


  • Supporting emerging projects without a sponsor, as the point-of-sale financing program does not require a guarantor or guarantor.
  • No monthly installments needed.
  • Payment method is daily through points of sale.
  • A one-time fixed administrative fee of 1.5% (or at least 5,000) Saudi riyals.
  • 15% value added tax applies.
  • Financing is up to (21%, 38%, 50%) of total annual POS sales with repayment terms of one, two or three years respectively.


As a small or medium business owner, you can easily choose the appropriate financing solution for you from financing companies, even without a guarantor. In this regard, Al Raedah stands out, and distinguishes itself from other financing companies by granting you financing for your organization or facility with the simplest conditions. Find out how Al Raedah can help you; Apply now.