Dr. Sheikh Yousef Bin Abdullah Al Shubaily is a highly accomplished professor and doctor in Comparative Jurisprudence. He currently holds a prestigious position at the Department of Comparative Jurisprudence at the Higher Institute of Judiciary in Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Al Shubaily has an impressive educational background, having earned his Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees with honors from distinguished institutions.

In addition to his academic qualifications, Dr. Al Shubaily is actively involved in many professional organizations and committees. He serves as a member of the Civil Transactions Team at the Judicial Legislation Committee in Saudi Arabia, an expert at the International Islamic Fiqh Academy, and chairman/member in various Sharia committees in Islamic financial institutions. He has also served on multiple arbitration committees for commercial disputes.

Dr. Al Shubaily’s expertise and contributions extend beyond his professional affiliations. He has supervised and examined numerous scientific theses, participated in various jurisprudential conferences and training courses, and published several research papers on topics such as investment services, protection of capital in Islamic jurisprudence, credit cards in Islamic jurisprudence, and many more.

Among his notable research papers are those discussing zakat on stocks, sukuk, and investment funds, zakat on commercial debts, zakat for activities outside the budget, methods for calculating zakat on stocks and financing debts, zakat on under-development properties, complete ownership and its impact on zakat, and the allocation of zakat funds in economic and social development.

Dr. Al Shubaily’s vast knowledge and contributions in the field of Comparative Jurisprudence make him a valuable asset to the academic and professional community. His expertise and research findings greatly contribute to the understanding and application of Islamic finance and jurisprudence.