In today’s changing economic landscape, access to reliable and sustainable sources of financing plays a pivotal role in promoting business growth, empowering them, and driving economic development. Serving individuals and entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) has an unwavering commitment to creating a strong and stable financial system, there are many opportunities for those seeking to secure the funds needed to support their ambitions.


In this article, we will provide an overview of the process of obtaining personal financing from the Saudi Monetary Agency. By highlighting the policies, regulations, mechanisms, and conditions of the Monetary Agency for financing, we will provide you with the necessary knowledge to borrow.


The Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency is shaping the financial landscape in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is a good idea to get acquainted with its mission, vision and basic objectives. By understanding this institution’s dedication to achieving financial stability, regulatory oversight, and promoting economic growth in the Kingdom, businesses can align their goals and aspirations with the overall vision of this crucial institution.

What is the Monetary Agency?

The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) is the central bank and regulatory authority responsible for overseeing the monetary and financial system of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Established in 1952, this esteemed institution is the custodian of the Kingdom’s monetary reserves and has a critical role in maintaining financial stability, promoting economic growth and maintaining the integrity of the financial sector in the Kingdom.

شروط مؤسسة النقد للتمويل

As the central bank, the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency has several major responsibilities that include formulating and implementing monetary policies to maintain price stability, managing the kingdom’s foreign exchange reserves, issuing and regulating the Saudi currency (the Saudi riyal), and supervising banks and other financial institutions operating in the kingdom. Saudi Arabia and the organization of its work.


Also, the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority acts as the main regulator for the financial sector, as it establishes and implements regulations that ensure the integrity of the banking and financial industry, promote fair competition, and protect the rights and interests of customers and investors; Therefore, SAMA’s regulatory oversight extends to banks, insurance companies, financial intermediaries, and other entities in the financial sector.

The SAMA financing system

The financial laws and regulations aim to regulate the financing sector and maintain its stability, set the necessary practice controls, protect customers, clarify consumer rights and obligations, identify potential risks that customers may face, secure fair and sound transactions, and encourage fair competition among financiers, all the while taking into account the principles of transparency and disclosure.


Protecting the rights of customers in the financing sector is one of the priorities of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency. The executive regulations of the Finance Companies Control Law include a number of provisions related to the protection of the borrower’s rights. For example, some of these provisions govern the method of calculating and disclosing financing costs, set maximum administrative fees, clarify complaints handling mechanisms, and address early settlement standards and procedures in a manner that ensures fairness among all parties.


The Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency also issued principles for protecting bank customers, and principles for protecting financing customers, which aim to protect the interests of customers and ensure that financial entities deal with customers in a professional and fair manner, and provide advice to them when they want to file complaints and compensate them when needed. One of the strategic objectives of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency is to ensure that customers who deal with financial institutions under its supervision receive transparent, honest, and fair treatment, and obtain financial services and products easily and conveniently with high quality and fair value.

What are SAMA’s conditions for financing?

Individuals wishing to obtain personal financing from the Monetary Agency can apply for the loan that suits them at any of the banks affiliated with the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia. In order to obtain financing, the Foundation has established some conditions that must be met to obtain the required lending. Among the conditions of the Monetary Agency for financing are the following:


  • That the client is an employee who receives a fixed monthly salary from his work; Whether it is government or private work.
  • The monthly salary should cover the value of the installments that the citizen is required to pay each month.
  • They will conduct a check on the credit history of the loan applicant to verify the extent of his commitment to repaying the previous installments.
  • They check there is sufficient security for funding approval; Such as the presence of a sum of money in the bank or the presence of a guarantor who guarantees the customer when he is late or fails to pay the installments.
  • The citizen must have spent a certain period of service in his place of work, as the period varies from one bank to another.
  • Transferring the employee’s salary to the Finance Bank to deduct the monthly installment from the salary; In this case, the approval of the applicant to open a bank account in the financing bank should be obtained.
  • The client fulfills the eligibility requirements, which are the age of the applicant, the minimum salary, and the place of work that must be approved by the financing bank.

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The Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency’s commitment to financial inclusion ensures that everyone has access to fair and affordable financing options. Through the application of these financing systems, and the commitment of all banks and financing institutions that are subject to the conditions of the Monetary Agency for financing, the institution contributes to the comprehensive economic development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. SAMA helps with advancing investment, encouraging entrepreneurship, and stimulating growth in key sectors.


It is important for individuals and organizations seeking financing to understand the specific eligibility criteria and requirements associated with SAMA financing regulations. By dealing with the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency directly or through financial institutions that are subject to the conditions of the Monetary Agency for financing in the Kingdom, potential borrowers can explore the available options and make informed decisions based on their financial circumstances.


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