Financing programs are designed to provide individuals and institutions with sufficient liquidity to start or support their commercial activities and achieve their goals, contributing to the success of the funded entities on the one hand, and supporting the local economy and stimulating growth on the other hand.


To obtain any loan or financing, financing agencies often require the presence of a guarantor to grant any financing. This guarantor pledges to repay the financing amount in the event that the borrower cannot, for any reason, repay the amount, which reduces the financing risks for the financing parties, and the borrowers’ chances of obtaining the required financing.


But there may be a problem, as it can sometimes be difficult for the borrower to find an entity or person to guarantee him in order to obtain the required financing, so he resorts to financing programs that do not require the presence of a guarantor. 


However, these financing bodies may impose strict standards that the borrower must comply with.


To solve this problem, the Saudi Industrial Development Fund launched the Kafalah Program. 


What is this program? What is the difference between Kafalah and financing companies? Let’s explore. 

The Kafalah sponsorship program

This is an initiative launched by the Saudi Industrial Development Fund to support small and medium enterprises, and to secure financing that enables them to expand their commercial activities by providing guarantees to financial institutions that wish to grant loans or financing to these institutions, which increases their confidence when financing small and medium enterprises, and makes it easier for these institutions to lend money. 


It also helps to attract a new segment of small and medium enterprise owners, who may not be fully aware of the details of dealing with financing agencies, as the program provides them with the necessary support and guidance, and paves the way for them to submit applications for financing and manage their businesses more efficiently.


This initiative plays an effective role in promoting and developing the small and medium sector. By facilitating financing, these projects can develop their activities and expand their scope of operation, which contributes to creating new jobs and increasing local production.

Conditions for the Kafalah program for financing small and medium enterprises

To obtain financing, small and medium enterprises must implement some steps, which are:


  1. Submit the financing application and all required documents to one of the financing agencies participating in the program.
  2. The funding body reviews the application.
  3. The request is directed to the program to review the guarantee request, if additional guarantees are needed.
  4. If they accept the application, the program guarantees the borrower with the financing body, and he is required to provide written approval to join the program.


As for the conditions of the Kafalah program, there are no fixed conditions for obtaining funding from the program. Funding bodies set their own conditions. But in general, most financing companies set similar conditions that must be met by small and medium enterprises that wish to obtain financing, including:

  1. Registering the establishment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  2. Working in the sectors targeted by the program.
  3. Having a valid commercial register.
  4. Having an annual budget.
  5. Having an executable business plan.
  6. Be able to repay the loan granted.

The difference between financing agencies and the Kafalah program

The Kafalah program and financing companies are two different concepts that work in the context of providing financing, but they have a different role and different methods in achieving this goal. Here’s the difference between them:

Sponsorship program

Objective: This program is a non-profit government program that aims to support and strengthen small and medium enterprises by providing them with the necessary guarantees, meaning that it does not provide them direct financing.


Role: The program works to provide guarantees to banks and other financial institutions, encouraging them to provide loans on more flexible terms and low interest to beneficiary projects.

Funding companies

Objective: Finance companies are financial institutions that provide direct financial financing services to individuals, institutions, and establishments, whether small or large. The aim is to meet their financing needs and provide them with loans.


Role: Finance companies grant loans and credit directly to clients, whether they are individuals, institutions, or projects. These companies rely on providing financial financing by setting conditions for granting financing, the repayment period, and the value of the installments based on their policies and strategy.

How can small and medium enterprises benefit from Al Raedah’s financial services?

If you are looking for suitable financing for your facility, Al Raedah provides funding smoothly and easily because it is one of the organizations that supports small and medium enterprises with such simple steps that can be done online without the need to come to the company’s headquarters.


All you have to do is follow the following steps to find funding in your account in a short and convenient time:

  • Step One: Call us: 920004495, or submit your application through our website, then fill out the form and attach the data and pictures of the required documents.
  • Step Two: Receive the initial offer. Wait for one of our representatives to contact you within 48 hours of submitting the request to present you with the best financing solutions that suit your project.
  • Step Three: Sign the final contract to obtain financing.
  • Step Four: After receiving final approval, receive financing.



So, as we have seen, small and medium-sized enterprises may be forced to turn to a party that guarantees them from financing agencies to get the financing they need, and therefore a sponsorship program has filled a gap.


But what if you want to get direct financing without involving any third party? Here, Al Raedah is the best non-banking financing institution in Saudi Arabia through the financing services it provides, where you can obtain financing that meets your aspirations in the best possible way. 


So what are you waiting for? Find out how Al Raedah can help your business. Apply now.